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Mbada, C. E., Onigbinde, O. A., Binuyo, O. T., Ademoyegun, A. B., Fatoye, C. T., Idowu, O. A., Ojoawo, A. O., Oke, K. I., Okafor, U. A. C., Ojukwu, C. P., Odole, A., & Fatoye, F. (2020). ASSESSMENT OF NIGERIAN PHYSIOTHERAPY STUDENTS’ KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES AND AWARENESS OF PHYSIOTHERAPY ROLES IN THE PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT OF COVID-19: A NATIONWIDE ONLINE SURVEY. Journal of Physical Education & Health, 9(15), 18-27.


This cross-sectional study assessed Nigerian Physiotherapy students’ knowledge, attitudes and awareness of the roles of physiotherapy in the prevention and management of COVID-19.  Four hundred (400) Nigerian physiotherapy students responded to the survey via an electronic (WhatsApp) questionnaire. The survey revealed a high degree of COVID-19 awareness (98.3%) with the social media (83.3%), especially WhatsApp (70.8%), indicated as the. main source of information. 52% of the respondents exhibited a good level of knowledge of the virus, as well as anti-COVID-19 precautions and hygiene. The level of knowledge correlated with the participants’ ages; the final year (class v) had the highest knowledge score (40). While Nigerian physiotherapy students demonstrate a high level of awareness with regard to the virus and its transmission, the level of knowledge relating to physiotherapy roles in COVID-19 appears to be low.


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